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Thoughtful Portrait Photography in the White Mountains.

Hi! I'm Meag Poirier. I'm following the joy of making photos of people being themselves. Like with my other creative work at Wild Roots, I run off of intuition and a love of connecting with people. I can't help but remind others how awesome they are. Yup, you're awesome. I live for the inbetween, the unexpected. The real. Let's chat!

Celebrating You being You

I'm here with all the energy for individual, couple, friends and event portrait sessions. I THRIVE in spaces where I can connect with other unique humans and be creative. I'd love to get to know you!

Oh Hi!

I'm Meag Poirier.

I dove into portrait photography as an extension of my web design business. My favorite part of a session is finding ways to connect and be creative. Work + play is pretty blended together in my world; I'm a web developer, brand designer, portrait photographer, High School Yearbook Advisor, badass vegan baker, soy candle maker, and pretty speedy hiker. I'm also an embarrassingly devoted Third Eye Blind superfan. 

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You're awesome. Thanks for reaching out! I'll follow up with you soon.

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